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Battlefield 2 Pc Download Free Full Game

Battlefield 2 Pc Download: is a role playing battlefield shooting military mission and war fighting simulator pc game. Digitial illusions Games Studio CE developed Battlefield 2 Torrent. Battlefield 2 Game Download For Pc is published world wide by by Electronics Arts Entertainments. Meanwhile, It is the third main installment of the Battlefield Games series. The game features both single player and multiplayer gameplay modes for the players.

Battlefield 2 Pc Download, Battlefield 2 Free Download, Battlefield 2 Game Download, Battlefield 2 Pc Game, Battlefield 2 Torrent, Battlefield 2 Full Version, Battlefield 2 Highly Compressed, Battlefield 2
Download Battlefield 2 Free Full Pc Game

Battlefield 2 Pc Game Release Date

Battlefield 2 Pc Game Download Free Full Version released in North America on 21 June 2005. It released in Australia on 22 June 2005. While Battlefield 2 Highly Compressed released in Europe on 24 June 2005. It was released as Battlefield 2 Pc for Microsoft Windows.

Battlefield 2 Free Download Gameplay

Battlefield 2 Pc Game is an action, battlefield shooting video game played from the first person perspective. It is a sequel to Battlefield Vietnam. But with many changes and improvements in the gameplay. Single player gameplay included with three different difficulty levels. Battlefield 2 Highly Compressed For Pc also features a multiplayer gameplay mode via the internet or local area network. Both the gameplay modes played on the same maps and battlefield conquests. Battlefield 2 on computer in single player mode allow to 16 controlled players. While Battlefield 2 on internet upto 64 players take part in the game. Players have the choice to play as US Marine Cops, People’s Liberation Army or Middle Eastern Coalition.

Battlefield 2 Pc Download Free Full Version Game players are divided into two opponent teams. The main focus of the game is to reduce the tickets of the opponent team. Tickets indicate an army’s ability to reinforce the position in the battlefield. Every team has a limited tickets while every casualty reduce their tickets. Battlefield 2 Free Download Game round ends when a team has finished the tickets.

Their are many infantry classed included in Battlefield 2 Pc Torrent Download. Battlefield 2 Game For Pc now features Assault, Medic, Anti-tank, Engineer, Support, Special Froces and the snipers. Many new vehicles also available in the Battlefield 2 Free Download Online Game.  These includes BTR-90, MEC ARP, LAV-25, WZ-551, USMC and PLA. Players now can pick up the squad of six soldiers to work more effectively as a team. A team can have upto nine squads. Squad leaders can assign their squads to many objects.  The Commander position is an important role playing position by one member of each team. Only higher ranks players get the priority for the Commander roles.

Battlefield II Free Download Full Pc Game Newly Added Features
  • New game engine improves the graphics, and the dynamics to provide a realistic gameplay experience.
  • Single player campaigns added with three kind of difficulty levels.
  • Support for 16 players to engage locally  and 64 player online to engage in a single campaign.
  • Socially add your stats to the leaderboards to the world.
  • A new Tickets element introduced which shows the strength, power and ability of a team.
  • Conquest and Cooperative modes added to player as single player or with the friend as the multiplayer.
  • Many infantry classes added like, assault, anti tank, engineer, snippet and medics.
  • Different powerful and armored war vehicles included to travel through the battlefields.
  • 15 dynamic and vast maps included.

Battlefield 2 Reception

Battlefield 2 Pc Free Download generally received critical acclaim. Metacritic awarded Battlefield 2 Highly Compressed 91/100 points with positive reviews. GameRankings awarded Battlefield 2 Game Download For pc with 90%. While IGN awarded it 8.9/10 points.

In its fist month of release Battlefield 2 sold 1 million copies world wide. Till July 2006 the total sale of Battlefield 2 Pc reached 2225000 copies world wide. It sold 200000 copies just in United Kingdom. The game also nominated for many game awards and it won “Best Multiplayer Game Award 2005″ and ” Game Of The Year Award” at Pc Gamer Awards 2005. On the other hand, it become second for “Beat Action Game, Best Multiplayer Game” awards at Computer Game Magazine awards.

Battlefield 2 Pc Game System Requirements
  • OS                     Windows-XP, Windows Vista, Windows-7
  • CPU                 1.7 GHz or above
  • RAM                 512 MB RAM Required
  • Graphics         DirectX 9 Compatible 128 MB Direct3D Card, GeForce FX-5700 +, Radeon 8500,9500+

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Battlefield 2 Pc Torrent

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