Battlefield 2 Pc Download Free Full Game

Battlefield 2 Pc Download Free Game Full Version Highly Compressed Torrent

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Battlefield 2 Pc Download Free Full Game

Battlefield 2 Pc Download: is a part of battlefield game series belonging to the First Person shooter genre. It is actually a fighting and action as well as survival game mainly to accomplish the given mission. The player plays a role of given character by controlling it. The developer of this game are Digital Illusions CE and the publishers are Electronic arts. So, this is the mutual achievement of them. This entertaining and shooting game is a third part of the game series The Battlefield. Also, the game includes single player gameplay mode as well as multiplayer gameplay mode. The complete view of the battle ground is from the character’s eye.

Battlefield 2 Pc Download Free Full Game
Download BF 2 Highly Compressed Pc Game

Battlefield 2 Pc Game Release Date

The game released only for Microsoft Windows gaming platform. Moreover, it released in the same month June of the same year 2005 in three different states. On 21st of June in year 2005 it released in North America. While in Australia the game released on 22nd of June in same year. And on the day of 24 June the game released and introduced in Europe. Furthermore, the game additional content added through the paid DLC packs. The first expansion pack named as “BF II Special Forces Pack”. And later the other game content added through “Booster Pack”, “Battlefield II Euro Forces Pack” and “Armored Fury Force Packs”.

Battlefield 2 Free Download Gameplay

BF 2 Highly Compressed Pc Game is totally a thematic appearance of a battle in a wide and broad battle ground. In which the player kills his enemies using different guns and weapons. In contrast with the previous parts, this game is highly modified and have enhanced realistic effects. Moreover, numerous modifications are available in this game including improved weapons, Graphics, locations view and other content. A player can play both gameplay mode offline as well as online. In offline single player gameplay mode the playing difficulty level are of three kinds. And in offline single player mode only 16 players are allowed. Otherwise in online mode these are 64 that can play individually. Also, a player have an access to select his role in the game. Either as US Marine Cops or people welfare Army.

All the player differentiate into two different groups. And the key work of each team is to lower the opponent’s abilities and powers. And there are tickets which express the abilities to enforce the armed force in the war field. While both teams have restricted amount of these tickets. The main point of the ticket is that how much a team is capable to be strict on this battle ground. Consequently, the level finishes when one of the teams lost all his tickets.

In this game, there are various groups of forces specialized for selective work. These specialized groups are Medic, Anti-tank, assault, engineer, support and such other useful Branches. Special players for sniping using zoom-in sniper guns. A number of vehicles and tanks, player can use the tank to attack on the opponent. A player can choose at least six different players to create his own squad which helps in working greatly. In addition, there can accommodate max nine squads in one team. In each squad of each team one pro player p[lays as a commander. And totally leads his team during the whole mission.

The game engine is highly modified that it has improved the whole game. Also, express the player rank in the whole world on the leader board. Furthermore, numerous vehicles which stops all the attacks on the player and save his health. A player can use these type of vehicles while crossing through the group of enemies in the battle ground and much more features..

Battlefield II Free Download Full Pc Game Newly Added Features
  • Newly introduced and added army infantary classes.
  • Squad feature is now more expanded with providing more felxibility to add more players to your team.
  • New game engine improves the graphics, and the dynamics to provide a realistic gameplay experience.
  • Single player campaigns added with three kind of difficulty levels.
  • Support for 16 players to engage locally  and 64 player online to engage in a single campaign.
  • Socially add your stats to the leaderboards to the world.
  • A new Tickets element introduced which shows the strength, power and ability of a team.
  • Conquest and Cooperative modes added to player as single player or with the friend as the multiplayer.
  • Many infantry classes added like, assault, anti tank, engineer, snippet and medics.
  • Different powerful and armored war vehicles included to travel through the battlefields.
  • 15 dynamic and vast maps included with randomly generated locations and changing weathers.

Battlefield 2 Full Pc Game Reception

The game generally received critical acclaim. Metacritic awarded this game 91/100 points with positive reviews. GameRankings awarded the game with 90%. While IGN awarded it 8.9/10 points. On the other hand, G-4 the famous gaming review website awards the game with a full five star perfect rating and said that its a complete battle field game with all the necessary game elements to pay every second of the gameplay. Many of the review sites said that It is a complete game with balanced gameplay as well as fine maps settings, which make you improve if you play it correctly. However, at the early release the game criticize a lot because of its bugs and errors which resolved later by the developers.

In its fist month of release the game sold 1 million copies world wide. Till July 2006 the total sale of Battlefield 2 Pc reached 2225000 copies world wide. It sold 200000 copies just in United Kingdom. The game also nominated for many game awards and it won “Best Multiplayer Game Award 2005″ and ” Game Of The Year Award” at Pc Gamer Awards 2005. On the other hand, it become second for “Beat Action Game, Best Multiplayer Game” awards at Computer Game Magazine awards.

Battlefield 2 Full Pc Game System Requirements
  • OS                     Windows-XP, Windows Vista, Windows-7
  • CPU                 1.7 GHz or above
  • RAM                 512 MB RAM Required
  • Graphics         DirectX 9 Compatible 128 MB Direct3D Card, GeForce FX-5700 +, Radeon 8500,9500+

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