Hitman Free Full Version Highly Compressed Pc Game Torrent

Hitman Free Full Version Pc Game is a fighting, combat, action, shooting, adventure pc game. IO Interactive developed this game. Meanwhile, It is the 1st entry of the famous Hitman game series which initially started back in year 2000 with name of Hitman Code Name Game. Furthermore, Agent 47 features a vast variety of intelligence and skills during the missions to finish his enemies. Most important thing to tell you that you can only play the game alone in the single player gameplay mode only. It did not offers any type of multiplayer pc games elements for couples.

Hitman Free Full Version Highly Compressed Pc Game Torrent

Hitman Free Full Pc Game  Release Date

Firstly, the game announced world wide along with the first look official trailer at Pax Prime Event on 24 August 2015. Meanwhile, on 03 February 2016 the development team announced the pre order of the game through steam for game lovers. Similarly, the beta version gone live on 20 February 2016 for those who pre order the pc game torrent. Finally, Hitman Free Full Version Game For Pc is released  worldwide on 11 March 2016 for all gaming console versions. Square Enix in the combination of Feral Interactive published it. It released Pc Microsoft Windows, Xbox version, Linux version and macOS version.

Moreover, the new game content along with new missions, weapons, abilities and new enemies updated through the later updated paid DLC packs by Square Enix Games Studio. Mainly there are four updated dlc packs available for the main game. which are

  • Gotty Outfits Bundle Update
  • The Bonus Campaign Patient Zero
  • Blood Money Requiem Pack
  • Blood Money Episodes Packs

Hitman Pc Game Free Version Full Gameplay

Hitman Highly Compressed Pc Game is a survival, shooting, action, strategy and adventure game. The player playing a role as most brave and cruel assassin as named Agent 47 to hold his fame against opposite warriors. He took the responsibility to complete many of adventurous and complex missions around the whole world to increase the glory of his nation.

The player uses modern lethal weapons as telescopic sniper guns to hit the wide range targets. Sharp knives and thin nylon killing ropes included to capture and kill silently the enemies wandering nearby positions. Explosive material used as anti personal blasting mines to clear a large wave of enemies. The player allowed to change his personality by wearing the enemy uniforms to dodge and place the traps against opposites. Long term missions added to increase the excitement of player. Pause and play feature available while working on the secret missions if the player want to take some rest. The progress through these missions saved as time elapsed and killed enemies as the player can resume it later.

Furthermore, the player awarded in the Hitman Torrent with in game currency when he complete any complex and hardest mission. Up to twenty missions with low difficulties add to learn the basics of game and get full access over the game controllers.  To be a master spy agent and fearless killing machine, ten of the most difficult maps located. Short time levels added where player took the responsibility for killing high profile targets. These targets are mobile and seen for short time. It requires ultimate and best sharp shooting experience to achieve the goals. Once the player failed to knock down the targets, the result bring the penalty as loosing the progress bar.

Hitman Apk For Android Main Features
  • Twenty low difficulty levels added to learn the basics of game
  • Ten most hard and complex missions included to gain full access over ultimate skills
  • Online downloadable levels supported
  • A variety of wide range telescopic guns added to obtain high rewards
  • New weapons as sharp knives and nylon ropes supported
  • Pause and play feature available while playing long term levels
  • Short time based mission added to win a lot of awards

Hitman Full Pc Game Reviews

Most importantly, at the release it received positive reviews from the critics. Consequently, Metacritic awarded the game Hitman For Pc Microsoft Windows version with 85/100 points. On the other hand it give PlayStation 4 version 80/100 and Xbox version 85/100 points. Similarly, IGN awarded this game with 7.9/10 reviews rating points. The huge commercial success of the game shown with the fact that it sold over 13 million full version game copies world wide till the year 2018. Finally, Giant Bomb awarded the game with their best award for Game Of The Year Award 2016 with a lot of appreciation comments.

Hitman Full Pc  Game System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 (64 Bit)
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K @ 3.0 GHz, AMD equivalent
  • RAM: 8 GB RAM
  • Hard Disk: 40 GB Free Hard Disk
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX-660, Radeon HD-7870

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