Monster Hunter Rise Full Pc Game Reviews

You might have played several hunting games but i can assure you that Monster Hunter Rise Full Pc Game is one of the best game you have not experience before. It is the part of famous Monster Hunter Games Series which first introduced in year 2004. Meanwhile, its the 6th main installment in the series with several other spin-offs for the previous entries. When we talk about the game genre of this game it basically categorized as action role playing hunting and survival game. As you have to fight huge gigantic animals and kill them or survive to complete a game level.

Monster Hunter Rise Full Pc Game Reviews

Japanese game developer franchise Capcom developed and published the game world wide only for Nintendo Switch console versions initially. However, the pc version of this game for Microsoft Windows is in development process and will be available as its development complete by the team. It allow the players to play the game in both single player as well as in the multiplayer gameplay modes online or offline locally on their computers or laptops. Meanwhile, each of the campaign totally based on your selection of map, difficulty, as well as the characters which shows the results when you complete a game level.

Monster Hunter Rise Pc Game Development & Release Date

On 17 September 2020 the development team of Monster Hunter Rise Pc Game first announced the game at “Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase Broadcast”. After developing the initial game content the developers released demo version of the game for only one month on 07 January 2021. It only allow the players to paly through four game levels but you can use all the available weapons in the game inventory. The feedback of the first demo allow the development team to improve the game content a lot more better way and also make changes which caused the errors during the gameplay in the first demo version.

After all the game content updated the second demo version released 12 March 2021 which now has a lot more game content than the previous one. It was only available for the players who want to play the game on Nintendo Switch only. But becasue of the so much interest shown by the game lovers Capcom also working on the Microsoft Windows version of this game which might released in the mid of 2022. Along with the pc version Capcom is also working on the expansion version with the title of “Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak” for both pc and Nintendo switch consoles. It first reveled through steam pages on 30 September 2021 with pre purchase kickoff campaign. A demo troubleshooting also launched between the demo released on 26 October 2021 which fixed many of the issues which players faced during their campaigns.

Monster Hunter Rise Pc Game Full Gameplay

Like all the previous entries in the series the players first has to choose a hunter character from the available characters to dive into the world which is filled with dangerous and huge powerful creatures and monsters. The main purpose is to hunt down these giant monsters or capture them by using in game weapons or magical abilities which a specific character possesses as a hunter. Meanwhile, each character and difficulty levels you select at the start hugely affect the endings of the game as well as the competing monsters and the type of rewards and drops you get during the game.

A newly introduced feature ability named as “Wiredash”. It help the hunter character to move into the air like take a fly. Meanwhile, you can also reach to the giant monsters in quick time by flying in the air in a split second. It let you attack the monster on his weak areas as well as this move also allow you to move any direction and attack with the weapons with a lot of more powers than normal. It also features another move named “Wall Run” which help you to run on sleep slops or walls with a stamina meter shown in the HUD.

So look closely for the stamina meter as if it depleted your playing character will fall down and may die. Another move of Wirefall will help you if you fall down and let you stand back on your foots in quick time. So it helps you to avoid any type of attacks from the creatures when you fall down. The major move included in this new ability is that you can use all the available 14 weapons at once with help of Silkbind Attack move. The available weapons includes

All Weapons
  • Cross Bows                          Great Hunter Swords
  • Heavy Bow Guns                 The Charge Blades
  • Long Swords                         Light Bow Guns
  • The Dual Blades                   The Switch Axes
  • Shields                                    The Hunting Horns
  • Lances                                     Insect Glaive
  • Gun Lance                               Hammers

The players can wield and use multiple weapons at any time during their missions. Each weapons in combination with other weapons features a lot more improved powerful attacking abilities. It also let you fight with more powerful and giant monsters.

Along with these weapons and armors the game now also features the magical abilities of talismans which make your attacks more powerful when fighting with the monster who possesses the magical like abilities. Each of the game map features a different type of mission for the players. And it also has a lot different monsters than the previous ones you may have faced. The includes maps in the game contains.

All Maps & Locations
  • Frost Islands: It basically known as the nest of a giant dragon in this game. Therefore it is one of the hardest missions to complete in the game as well as it award its players a lot of unique magical and powerful drop down abilities if you successfully kill or capture the monster.
  • The Shrine Ruins: It is basically a holy place which used for people to pray God for their protection. But it is now ruled by deadly dangerous monsters who can easily kill anyone but yet the place did not lost its holy importance.
  • Lava Caverns: The most of the map locations are based in caves filled with lava everywhere with hot fire. But the bottom of the locations are pure water which make it look more beautiful. But the creatures living here possesses the fire powers. Therefore, missions here make more challenging for the players to hunt down or capture these creatures.
  • Flooded Forest: It is filled with several ruins and green forest. But the locations changed and filled with monsters when a flood appear in the forest and destroy everything.
  • The Sandy Plains: As the name suggest it is desert and sand all around on the map. So the monsters here are always hungry and thirsty for blood and everything else. In the mean time the sun in the day light make it too much hot for you toe even survive in this hard environments. However, missions get lot easy in the cool nights when the sun disappears.
Enemies, Creatures, Monsters To Fight

Mainly there are three main and deadly powerful monsters in this game which are very hard to compete and capture for any hunter. However, there are a lot of more variety of monsters also included in the game. All the available creatures are

  • Teostra                         Almudron
  • Diablos                         Somnacanth
  • Bishaten                       Apex Zinogre
  • Kushala Daora             Volvidon
  • Rathians                        Rathalos
  • Royal Ludroth               Crimson Glow Valstrax
  • Chamaleos                     Basarious
  • Rajangs                           Tigrex
  • Great Wroggis                The Magnamalos
  • Apex Diablos                   Rakna Kadaki
  • Gross Harag                     Mizutsune
  • Aknosom                          The Apex Rathalos
  • Nargacuga                       Lagombi
  • Barioth                               Great Izuchi
  • Apex Arzuros                    Ginogers
  • Khezu                                  The Great Baggies
  • Tetranadons                       Many More Creatures & Monsters

As i have told you that the main creatures are only there which are Magnamalo, Apex Zinogre and Crimson Glow Valstrax. These are dangerous equipped with magical powers as well as very powerful and giant strong physic too. When we talks about Maganamalo, it possesses the Hellfire which produced when it eats the other monsters. It make you work so hard to beat him in fights as it use this hellfire against the hunters and many times kill you easily with this toxic gases.

The other one is called Apex Zinogre whose body is covered with many hard body parts like nails and also have wounds. It uses its long tail to attack the hunters which if hit kill you in just one strike. Moreover, with its four legs it moves very fast and make a furious attack and eat hunters in a split second. The third one is more dangerous with the name of Crimson Glow Valstrax. It normally fly in the air but dive down in just seconds to attack the hunters with its powerful giant wings and foot nails. It also fires the fire from his mouth to kill any type of enemies or other monsters.

Friendly Animals And Creatures

Along With the deadly dangerous enemy creatures and monster the game now also features the friendly companion animals. These support you in your missions to detect the nearby monster or for the surveillance of these creatures. The first companion animal named as “Palamutes”. It helps you to travel through the maps quickly and let you ride on their backs. It certainly help you to save your stamina for later fights. As well as if you can take any damages you can recover them and safely escape from the danger zone with its help. During attacks it also uses the special moves and abilities which assist you in your fights against several monsters.

The next support creature animal names as “Palicoes”. Its a small but powerful quick mover with its own unique abilities and weapons. It helps you to detect the nearby monsters and protects you if any one of them attack you on specific location. On the other hand, it ride on the trees, or jump through the mountains and help you to notice the movement of the enemy creatures which are available on the location maps.

Along with these you also has support of some unique birds work as your companions. It contains Spiri Bird, Stink Minks, Giganha, The choot and Clothfly, Therefore, each of these possesses a special ability which help you in your missions against these deadly dangerous monsters.

Missions & Levels

Each of the locations however, features a different type of missions for the players. Meanwhile, you can play through two mission with different settings and challenge with different companions and monsters. The first called the “The Rampage” which is a survival game mode. In this mode a huge number of monster enter into your city and try to destroy everything. However, you along with your companion creatures has to use your facilities to secure the place and kill them before they enter into the city.

The second mission is called “Kamura Village” a story mode. With a lot of new characters to join you in your campaigns. The available characters are Rondine, Fugen, Yomogi, Minoto and many others. Who will help you in securing the village and its people from the dangerous monsters who attack and wan to destroy the village.

You can play the game in single game mode in both online or offline. Or also have the option to line up your team of Upto 4 friends online in the multiplayer gameplay mode.

Monster Hunter Rise Pc Game Reviews

At its demo release Monster Hunter Rise like all the previous games in the series received huge appreciations and positive reviews from the critics. Meanwhile, the famous review aggregator website Metacritics awarded the game’s Nintendo Switch Console version with a score of 90/100 perfect review rating score. The critics belongs to Metacritics mostly appreciate the game because of newly added tools like wirebugs which improve the gameplay a lot. Similarly, IGN awarded the game with a rating score of 8.5/10 points with huge appreciations to its improved and fluent graphics which let the players fell in a real world of forest hunting several type of creatures. Moreover, Games Radar critics praised the game mechanics and awarded it with a 4 star rating out of 5 stars.

When we talk about the commercial success of the Monster Hunter Rise Game. I want to let you know that it is one of the best and fast selling game for the franchise. At the release the development team of Capcom announced that. They have shipped over 4 million physical copies of this game world wide within the first three days of its released. More success can be guessed by the fact that. It sold 1.5 million copies just in Japan in the first week of the release. By achieving this targeted sale it also become the best selling game of the week in Japan too. Capcom announced that till October 2021 they have shipped a total of 7.5 million copies worldwide for the game.

Like all previous games this game also received huge appreciations and positive comments on gaming platforms. It nominated for many categories gaming awards after its release. However, it only achieve to win the “Best Role Playing Game” and “Best Multiplayer Game” of the year 2021 at the Games Awards 2021.

Monster Hunter Rise For Pc System Requirements
  • OS                 Only Windows 10 64 Bit Versions
  • CPU               Intel Core i5-4460 @ 3.0 GHz or AMD FX-8300 @ 3.4 GHz or Above
  • RAM              8 GB RAM Required
  • Hard Disk     24 GB Free Hard Disk Space Required
  • Graphics       NVIDIA GeForce GTX-1060 @ 3 GB VRM, AMD Radeon RX-570 @ 4 GB VRAM


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