Project Zomboid Full Version Highly Compressed Pc Game Details & Reviews

Project Zomboid Multiplayer Full Version Pc Game Details

Survival games are always a fun to play and it make more challenging when we talk about the zombies survival games. Project Zomboid Full Pc Game is such a game which provide you the survival, action, role playing horror gameplay experience. Set in a post apocalyptic city situated at the corner of Kentucky the United States named as “Knox County”. The Indie Stone who are very famous title development company of Great Britain and Canada has developed and published this entry world wide. Team start their work from year 2012 and did not even stop the updates till year 2022. It allow the players to play through the survival world alone in the single player gameplay mode. Or team up with your friends online or locally to play the game in multiplayer gameplay modes.

Project Zomboid Full Version Highly Compressed Pc Game Reviews

Project Zomboid Highly Compressed Pc Game Development & Release Date Details

The development than release and after that the several updates which have many stories to fix the bugs and errors of this title started from back in year 2011 till now in 2022. The first demo version of the title with only a limited content released world wide on 25 April 2011 to check the interest of the players in this title. meanwhile, the full version of the entry has final released through Steam for those who pre ordered the title while playing the demo version. It released on 09 November 2013 on Steam.

Later on, after the successful release of the entry the development team released the PZ multiplayer online public beta version through Steam. At this time on 18 February 2014 the title has only supports upto 32 players to play in the multiplayer game as a test only. Similarly, to all the famous games the first major updated content pack for the game released on 09 March 2014 containing the trading cards, emoticons and background play elements to improve the gaming mechanics to make it more interesting and challenging for the players.

After that the development team decide to update the playable content through the build packs. Therefore, the Build 26 game update released on 12 May 2014. Featuring many new mechanics and elements it also included a new “Propane Tank”. Some minor game content added through minor updates till next build update.

Meanwhile, on 07 June 2014 the development team released another major update for the title with the title of “Build 27”. Adding with unlimited new content the main things added contains the new improved expanded map, new trapping features to catch new animals or enemies. As well as new browser server list to fresh and play the campaigns through the high speed servers.

After that some minor updates released in different times like Part Deux, and the Quest For Peace with some new added content. But the major update launched on 02 September 2014 with the title of “Build 29”. It featured many new and famous updates like It is 29, Zombies in love, I am french, The Turbo Boost, as well as a major story named “Aliens”. The next update for this entry with the title of Build 30 released on 30 December 2014 contains a little new content for the players.

After that on 24 March 2015 the next updated game pack with the title of Build-31 released world wide. After receiving the minor game content the next update of the title has released on 30 June 2015 with the title of Build-32. In short there are updated till Build-41 and each and every update contains the new content for the game. Meanwhile, on 06 January 2022 the team released an introduction of it for its players with the title of 2022 and Beyond to make sure that they will continue work and update the new playable content in upcoming days.

Main Updates Released In Year 2022

On 25 February 2022 the team released the game update 41.66 to the main game. Mainly it fixed over twenty type of bugs and errors to the main game elements. As well as the error fixes the development team also improve the in game mouse wheel scroll speed in the Survival Guide gaming mode. On the other hand many new items added to the other titles like. Board games, Poker Chips and many more.

Moreover, on 04 March 2022 the development team released yet another update to the game with the title of “41.67 Change List”. The update mainly focused on the players who are playing the mission in any wrong way. It also added the new feature to count the main characters values. On the other hand, enhancements also made to the sounds of the title on Linux and Windows 10 and windows 11.

Similarly on 07 July 2022 Unstable Update 41.72 released world wide to add new playable content to the Project Zomboid Apk For Android. It mainly added a new multiplayer pc game for couples feature  of “Map Remote Player Visibility Features”. It allow the players now to visible the remote players who are present on the map. On the other hand enhancement made to the Knox Event Map with new locations and also new enemies. To increase the players fun to the game now many new foods items as well as new recipes added to the game now.

On 18 July 2022 the next latest new and final update till now released with the title of 41.73. It added the new feature of Gas Container Tool kits to help players in the campaign if too many zombies attack at once. On the other hand, new anims and models also added to the game newly as well as the changes and improvements made to the previous ones. Most importantly huge number of fixes also made through this last update of the game.

Project Zomboid Multiplayer Pc Game For Couples Full Gameplay Guide

Playing the challenging and survival games are always a great fun for game lovers. Now project zomboid best action game for pc features such an amazing game features that none other titles has provided yet. To start the missions first of all you need to select the option to play either solo or multiplayer gameplay modes. On the next options page you have the choice to select gameplay modes you want to play. The included modes are survival mode, Scenarios, and challenges mode. Along with selection the gaming mode you can also choose the difficulty mode to play the levels with different approach and style of play. After successfully selecting the gaming modes and difficulty levels you now need to choose the missions map which you want to play. Each of the map location features a different type of zombies with difficult to easy to fight enemies.

Now you have the option to select your player characters. You can customize their name their gender and  other customization features like body, hair and clothes too. After that you are ready to go on to play your first episode in the game. First of all you need to equip yourself with a useful weapons. In the beginning you do not have any tool to fight with these zombies. To find a weapon you first left out and search the nearby houses for a useful and powerful weapons. These homes are absolutely vacant and no one present here after the zombies apocalypses appear in the city. You enter into a house and loot all the food items, medic kits as well as pistols, guns, granades, hammers or axes with you. When you leave this house and save all the useful tools into your inventory here starts the mission.

At start you see only one or two zombies who follow you and try to kill you. As you move forward into the expanded map the number of zombies increases to hundreds and also they get more powerful as the time goes on. All these zombies has a different type of attacking abilities. As well as features a unique weaknesses to kill the. So firstly you have to closely notice them to kill them. One more important thing you must look for is that you have to fully kill these zombies by cutting their body part. Otherwise they will stand again and they attack more rapidly and more powerfully than before.

During the missions the players also found vehicles to travel through the playable world. But to run these vehicles you must have the oil tanks. These tanks found on the playing map hidden on several locations. As you kill more and more zombies and travel to escape the city increase your character stats. At night these zombies come out into the streets and also enters into the houses. So to protect from them in nights you must cover the door and windows with the sheets. On the other hand, you must also turn off your lights which make these zombies feel that there is no one at home. Mainly the story is focused on Survival, Building Useful items and Defend yourself from these zombies.

When it comes to survival your character must move quickly and opposite directions the the zombies. It keep you away from these zombies and also from their infections. On the other hand, you can also hide yourself in the houses which are absolutely vacant. But these zombies will not let  you there for a long time, so you have to escape the place as soon as possible.

Secondly, when we talk about Build you items means that you have to loot all the nearby places And search of all the useful items you can collect. These contains the food items specially contains the stamina drinks and others to maintain your energies through the fights. To get the food you can hunt the nearby animals, or catch fishes. You can cook them to make your food needs. On the other hand, you also found the weapons, axes, hammers, which help you to fight with these zombies.

Lastly, defend yourself in a better way to escape the infected city. The main trick to do is to keep on moving and did not stop and water your time on one place. As if you stay on one place these zombies appear from all sides. And its numbers increase so much that it can become almost impossible for you to escape from the city. If you successfully escape the city it will award you the winning rewards and character points. On the other hand, if you infected and killed by these zombies you have to star the new level right from the beginning now.

The title also features a multiplayer online gamepaly mode for the players. Who want to play this entry with their friends. It supports upto 50 players to join in a single game on the same location map. Meanwhile the friend who kill more get more points. As well as a the infected friend can also die if you did not help him with medic kits at the perfect time. Meanwhile, the zombies included in the multiplayer gaming mode are also different which are in the single gameplay mode. So, it make more fun with your fiends to fight with more quick attacking and powerful zombies.

The Main Gameplay Available Features Of This Game
  • The Xbox Games Controller Board now also supports playing it on windows pc too with running windows 10
  • It also features the open full LUA Modding Support while playing the title in both single and multiplayer gaming modes.
  • Challenge mode, Scenario Modes and Last Stand gaming mode. Flee the hardcore, Sandbox Survival, and Epic Exploration modes to play the mission in a unique and new way.
  • The background music keeps changing randomly as the zombie increase in number or they attack you while on the run
  • Added zombies with just run and fight but in large numbers to challenge any opponent
  • Perform normal life activities like hunting, fishing, cooking. Or develop new skills or perks to customize your character for better performance during the missions and levels
  • Day and night cycle available which make zombies to attack more powerfully at nights. And make it more difficult when electircity fails
  • Use ingame tools like axes, hammers to utilize the environmental objects to set traps for the upcoming zombies
  • Widely spread maps and locations filled with zombies all around the city and randomly changed environments and weather conditions
  • Cover system allow you to turn off lights to hide yourself in your houses with spreading sheets at windows
  • Over one hundred zombies types each with different attacking styles and different weaknesses and powers
  • Online multiplayer gameplay mode support upto 50 players on different screens.
Project Zomboid Best Action Game For Pc Reviews

At the release it is one of the best action games of all time on both pc and android mobiles. It received very positive reviews from the critics. Metacritics awarded this zombies gameplay with a high score of 92/100 reviews rating points. The critics praised it because of its simple game mechanics and fluent graphics with no bugs and errors. However some criticcized it because of its lack of environmental objects and compare them with the other games too.

When it released on Steam for Demo version it received 91/00 review points on steam critics. Mostly the reviews and players appreciate it because of its nice smooth gameplay. “Subruh” on Steam said that Project Zomboid Mobile is one of the best zombies title he has ever played. On the other hand, UberFPS declare it as one of the best zombies sims fighting and survival game ever released.

GHVAE compare it with sims games and said that. “It is a super realistic zombie apocalypse entry which graphics are seemed like the sims. And this also support modding in a great way for the players”. ArchGod also appreciate the title and said. “Its a game with full of fun which increased my interest after the multiplayer introduced. Now you fight these zombies along with your friends. And just killing them with using a pan which surely make a lot of fun”.

Project Zomboid Pc Game System Requirements
  • OS               Windows 7, Windows 10 (Only 64 Bit)
  • CPU             Intel Core 2 Duo Processor @ 2.8 GHz or AMD Equivalent
  • RAM             8 GB Minimum RAM Required
  • Hard Disk    5 GB Free Hard Disk Space Required
  • Graphics      DirectX 10 Supported Video Card @ 2 GB VRAM or Higher

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